The old military airfield – pictures

Some pictures taken during a registration drive at the old military airfield in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Same pattern as last time – we gave out flyers, sent in the sound trucks to inform and entertain, created a bit of a party – and then the registration began.

I love some of these photos. It is amazing how high-spirited Haitians remain, especially if you offer some hope. Music can be enormously powerful in these situations.

After I create a set like this, I like to make a quick iphoto slide show, and add on a nice nostalgic tune – in this case to Fool on the Hill by the Beatles.

It’s quite an experience – you see and do all these overwhelming things during a day, but it goes by so fast you don’t really register them until later. A relaxed photo viewing session, set to music, puts everything into focus, the historic nature of these events. This is really significant stuff. I sincerely hope the world doesn’t walk away this time.























22 responses to “The old military airfield – pictures

  1. Again, really beautiful pics.. and I agree, music definitely be a change agent in the midst of saddness, disaster, etc…. thanks for sharing. It’s just a reminder how blessed I truly am šŸ™‚

  2. really worrying. quite touching. and yes, since you say you aren’t a photographer, that camera is really good man!

  3. every inspiring. šŸ™‚

  4. it makes me feel good to see… there is hope in the midst of the calamity. that we have everything to hope for. šŸ™‚

  5. Really good, interesting photos.

  6. Really nice pictures! You can really see the hope in their eyes.

  7. We have to learn how to be happy in any conditions.

  8. Your pictures are looking top notch and its obvious you’re working hard in Haiti.

  9. Congratulations! I really love these pictures, so nice, so good, so wow. I am an haitian student in Dominican Republic, I know this place, in creole o french, its name is: Carrefour Aviation. It is the first time I see a really good work for my country. I love you!

  10. thank you for this photo album….Haitians are beautiful, resilent, determined and hopeful….children, how much beauty and hope is in their faces in the midst of their struggle, their loss, this is a gift to me on my birthday….I thank you šŸ™‚

  11. Thanks so much for all the kind comments… it helps to know there are people still watching out for Haiti.

  12. yes we still care for those people. Appreciate some pictures of hope!!!

  13. Greetings from Cyprus, superb blog, very informative, Best wishes

  14. Great picture! Guys I beieve that everything will be ok. We are with you!

  15. Awesome pictures! inspiring, and moving… our thoughts and prayers from Sri Lanka. We are no strangers to natural disasters… hope things are well there…

  16. Touchingly beautiful — both the pictures, and the comments.

  17. nice pictures! thanks! i believe the Haiti people will live better and better in the future. By the way, can i make a friend with you? my MSN is: thanks!

  18. The next time I speak with someone who does not understand or have compassion for Haiti, I will direct them here. Good Works

  19. Thank you for these posts Mark. Does the UN have an assessment with regard to what resources will be required to resettle, rebuild, etc?
    Keep on blogging in the free world!

    • yes, but it is in constant movement and evolution; assessments are made, but need constant rethinking as new constraints/opportunities are discovered

  20. Parabens pelo Blog!! Nos ajuda a entender a realidade do Haiti!! As fotos sĆ£o lindas e imprecionantes!!

  21. WOW. It is so inspiring to see those kids smiling so big for the camera when you know that they don’t have anything in the world except for a tent somewhere …

    What a shame that Haiti is only getting all this attention now because of such a disaster. I am with you in hoping that people don’t walk away. One can only hope that the physical rebuilding effort will continue until the country is back on it’s feet and the spiritual rebuilding will continue for as long as it has too.

    I have started giving to the One5 Foundation that a guy named Dan Tasset started … he is a local businessman who has been contributing and working in Haiti for years before the earthquake.

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