Video: distributing lifesaving goods to families in Bolosse, Port-au-Prince

Here is a video I made for IOM on a distribution to families in Bolosse, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

You will notice that the message here is clear – Haitians are helping Haitians. Internationals can help, but it is Haitians who will rebuild their own country.


3 responses to “Video: distributing lifesaving goods to families in Bolosse, Port-au-Prince

  1. The other clear important message is that the Haitian people have a strong spirit and faith; an admirable dignity and determination I am gaining great respect for. May it allow them to yet again prevail under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

    Their spirit shines through continuously in your photographs and stories here. I educate myself on the history of their country; I see the grace and courage they have in spite of it … my admiration only continues to grow.

    Thank you for the important perspectives you offer here.

  2. I too thank you for presenting this truly important perspective on events in Haiti. My hope for the long-term is that we will learn to share knowledge and tools, and help Haitians rebuild their society with dignity. They know far better than we do what they need; we are the ones who need to learn to listen.

  3. Hi Mark,

    I just want to echo the thanks that others have given for your coverage. I’m so grateful to you for sharing what you are seeing and participating in. It really is fantastic to watch a smiling woman speak of all that she has lost. Such a strong spirit!! It is incredibly inspiring.

    Take care,
    Jenny Hauf

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