Helping Haiti, in photos; a simple way we can all keep the issue alive

I plan to start posting many more photos of what is going on here – the sights we encounter when we distribute items, help organize temporary settlements, create shelter and so on. They can all be found at my flickr photoset called Working for Haiti.

I’ll pick a few every couple of days and post them. I will also be regularly posting videos on my youtube channel markyturner. My first video, of a distribution in all its complexity, is here.

If you like any of this media, I would strongly encourage you to repost, share on facebook and other social media – whatever you can. (All photos are taken by me, except where explicitly stated otherwise; I have permission to disseminate them all).

The international press is going home, day by day. That leaves people like us to keep the message alive. With the decline of journalism, we all assume a responsibility.

Everyone with a computer is a media person these days. Let’s do what we can to keep Haiti present in the world’s conscience.







(this photo take by Jean-Philippe Chauzy)



16 responses to “Helping Haiti, in photos; a simple way we can all keep the issue alive

  1. Well said–I hope the people’s needs are kept in front of people.

  2. “The international press is going home, day by day. That leaves people like us to keep the message alive.”

    Great work! The trouble is, the press is only looking for drama. There’s nothing dramatic about the long, slow, difficult process of reconstruction, so the press moves on and Haiti gets forgotten again.

    We need people like you to remind us of what’s going on there. Great photographs! Keep up the good word. I’ll mention on Twitter and my blog.

  3. Thank you. Good job. We need to keep these images alive. You know what???? It’s also nice to keep some images of Americans helping others alive in the media as well. The world needs to be reminded of our generosity. We get so much bad press for other, more visible actions that aren’t as, well, nice. Keep up the good work!

  4. Exactly what is needed – the press always disappear once the ‘drama’ has disappeared. The trouble is, as you point out, is that the work has really only just begun…

  5. Oww that is so sad I wish i could help!

  6. These pictures are truly touching! We’re praying for you HAITI

  7. Thanks for keeping us in touch with reality!

  8. Great post.

  9. Word. Haiti’s problems are far deeper than an earthquake. It’s a shame that they weren’t notice before this tragedy occurred.

  10. Hi Mark,
    What bold photos you took Mark! Thanks for showing people like me in the USA what it looks like there in Haiti. If you get a chance, check out my song, “Haiti, We Hear Your Cry,” at and let me know if you want me to use your photos to make a video to my song and post it on YouTube. Sincerely, Mark

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  13. Congrtulations. This is a very active way to keep the story alivein Haiti.
    Keep up your good work Mark.
    I definiteley would like to share with you what we do at CECOSIDA by empowering the commnity to tell its own stories.


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