7 responses to “Rescue

  1. The best photo I’ve seen so far. Thanks for posting, Mark. Gives us all hope.
    take care.

  2. a photo like this makes all the hard work of this past week worth while and gives strength to roll up our sleeves and continue for the months ahead. Thank you for posting

  3. It was on the front page of our newspaper this morning…nice way to start the day!

  4. ….this I will take into my day as a most prized posession…so lovely thank you Mark

  5. ……things, people, situations, revelations, circumstances, events, gains, losses, bosses, the in betweens, silence, noise, the old and young and disabled the unloveables the untouchables do not always appear as they truly are things invisible are more real than visable and I with help from above look into and through and around even underground for all things to be found different new lovely even blue my mind reeling with rhymes taking in the fine while the sand in the River is dredged I do not dread the movement the dislodging the chaos that abound when the miraculous needs to come up to the surface so that life reveals its face through the innocence of a child~Rhea Phoenix

  6. vis able to visible 🙂

  7. mah uncle luv diz..he sayiiz li ovri fout ment tankou…w.e i 4got

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