Friends who have died

We have just heard the first horrifying details of friends who died. Children our own children played with. Families torn apart.

The UN is still trying to pick up the pieces.

The next few days are going to be tough.

4 responses to “Friends who have died

  1. Though words are lacking, know that the whole world is sending their thoughts and prayers to you, your friends, your community. Be strong, and thanks for whatever measure you are able to share with us. I hope that it is helpful in some way for you.

  2. Like others, also I tried to find your blog after having come across it a few weeks ago; I am relieved beyond expression to hear that you and your family are alive.

    God or no God (referring to your ponderings in your previous entry), such catastrophes are always a chance for us to act out our humanness and I often wonder if that is not the peak of Godliness per se?

    In any case, it are direct and unfiltered informations, reports written from the heart such as you provide here on these pages, that touch me most and move me to action.

    My thoughts, and yes, also my prayers are with you and your family, and all the Haitian people.


  3. I am a fellow blogger who stumbled across your blog while trying to find out more about Haiti and the dreadful situation there.

    Just wanted you to know the thoughts, hopes and prayers of many people in the UK are with Haiti today.

  4. have you seen the facebook group? communications are still sketchy

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