Silence from the mission…

Still no news regarding the fate of much the United Nations mission’s civilian leadership. People who would normally know are in the dark. Many good people are missing. It’s deeply worrying.

3 responses to “Silence from the mission…

  1. HEAVY MACHINERY NEEDED IN PETIONVILLE: My brother-in-law’s wife Emily Sanson-Rejouis (UN Human Resources) survived the earthquake because her UN office was a shipping container and made her way back to their hotel. The hotel has collapsed and the family are trapped (my brother-in-law Emmanual and their three little girls Kofie-Jade, Zenzie, Alyahna). She can hear at least one of their voices (the youngest 2 yr old Alyahnna’s) and needs urgent assistance to rescue them. They are buried in the rubble but there might be a small air pocket. Emily said it is chaos on the ground, there is no machinery, and she has asked us to get any assistance possible to her. The address of the hotel is:

    Karibe Hotel, Juvenat 7 Petion-Ville, HAITI (near Union School)
    A map to the location of the hotel is here:

  2. I have passed your call for help and data on to CNN and am preparing to put it up on my blog also.

    Our prayers are with you.

  3. Please know that many USA citizens are with you. I am in Taos, New Mexico: there are several fund-raising events this weekend.
    I gave a radio talk yesterday (Thurs. 1/21) on the history of Haiti; I am very familiar with the late C.L.R. James’ THE BLACK JACOBINS.
    I also put up a display at our public library which will be up until the end of February. I’ll keep doing consciousness-raising activities.
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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