Processing what it all means…

It’s so overwhelming processing what this means.

We are watching photos of our home town destroyed; our new life in tatters. Anna’s workplace (UN HQ) potentially flattened, and many colleagues, friends, unheard from. We saw a photo of our child’s nursery school – chilling – although thank the heavens that the quake hit after all the children would have left. Reports of the hills of Petionville – where our house is – severely hit.

So many friends have been in touch to see if we are OK, many offering places to stay. So kind.

And, of course, many many media outlets looking for information. On one level I wish I could be there to tell this story, helping, getting involved, but then I tell myself, no, we were unbelievably lucky to be out of there. Anna and the children are safe – kids sleeping peacefully in the bed in Miami. She could so easily have been in UNHQ.

Very mixed emotions. So much uncertainty. I feel an overwhelming desire to get involved.

Poor poor Haiti. It has had such a hard road, and then this.


4 responses to “Processing what it all means…

  1. Thankyou so much for these posts! Your blog just became one of the most compelling sites on the net, which is a pretty cruel twist in a way. None the less your blogging is poignant and illuminating. So please keep up the good work, and best of the luck for the incredibly tough road ahead.

  2. Hi Mark,
    karen and zachary here from the mediabistro course. Looking for coverage of the quake in Haiti and thought of you. So glad that you were away at the time, but also wondering if you will be back there getting any video eventually. If you need any help with editing material you will shoot on your return there, please let us know if you need help. Whatever we can do, I don’t know what-please let us know.

    Hope you are well and happy you seem to be safe at this point. A sitter of ours is Haitian and is headed back there to work for a month in 5 days so if it’s ok, I would put her in touch with you. She has worked for World Hunger and is interested in helping out. Don’t know what you are currently up to, so I will read your blog to get updated.

    All the best to you and yours,

    Karen and Zachary
    from Mediabistro web video course
    Summer 2009

  3. I am waiting for news from your blog, since I do not have a tv, of course I have my macbook as good or better, internet in one click.

    My sister lives in Newfoundland, Canada and joined in with a group that went to Haiti, it was called “Helping Hands for Haiti”, we now need a group called “Helping Hearts for Haiti” after this catastrophy…

    I hope that mercy will be found on the ground and that God’s presence will be in the midst of pain and agony all around.

  4. Naomi Klein’s warning about cancelling the Haitian debt and that financial aid should be treated as gift or grant aid and not more unsustainable loan debt.

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