Haitian Guinness

Worth a brief mention: they brew Guinness in Haiti.

Well, to be accurate, they brew Guinness “Foreign Extra Stout”, which -it turns out – is not too bad a tipple. Not bad at all. While it lacks the cream of its Irish counterpart, it remains smooth, and contains much of the same satisfyingly tingly bitterness.


Wiki informs me that the basis of foreign extra stout is “an unfermented but hopped Guinness wort extract shipped from Dublin, which is added to local ingredients and brewed locally.” (Not sure how much barley they have in Haiti, but there you have it). Strength varies, from 5% in China, to 8% in Singapore.

Guinness’ power to find its way into the breweries of the developing world has always amazed me. Nigeria. Ghana. Indonesia. Malaysia. Ethiopia! It is, in fact, brewed in around 50 countries worldwide – more than one in every four members of the United Nations.

By 2007, 10 million glasses of Guinness were enjoyed a day worldwide, the brewmeisters boast on their website. This year it celebrated its 250th anniversary.


So, one of the world’s lucky countries, it turns out, is Haiti. Brewed under license by the national brewery. Bravo.

Servir Glacee. A consommer avec moderation. Teneur en Alcool 7.5%. Contient de l’orge.


4 responses to “Haitian Guinness

  1. i will recommend malta h same concoction with out the alcohol

  2. Carla in Haiti

    I was just told by a colleague today that Guinness isn’t really beer. New to me. “It’s an energy drink. You drink it when you are tired, or before sport of sex.”

    Fascinating. I wonder what Dubliners would say about that.

    • Sounds like I need to drink more Guinness! This comment has, however, reminded me I left this blog to drift for too long. Perhaps I should start writing it again… I lost the momentum, as so often happens.

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