Disabilities and horses

Photo-based post today. We visited an event where Haitian kids with disabilities were given the chance to ride and interact with horses. A small oasis; at first I was embarrassed to take photos, but the children were delighted, crowding round and giggling at the results.

I have often been slightly taken aback by kids with disabilities: they are so quick to run up and hug you, hold your hand, playful before the camera. Why should it be any other way? But nonetheless, it is challenging for the first moments. It soon becomes an enormous pleasure.
















5 responses to “Disabilities and horses

  1. Often people who have known pain, rejection, destitution, tend to know or find it easy to love, accept, accommodate. I believe its a way of saying that giving these knows and should kno no boundaries…. those are very beautiful pictures. I especially like the one of the little blonde girl and the boy… what a complete picture….

  2. Mark, nice and sad pictures at the same time. Makes me think how many of us are fortunate for being born heathy – we should stop complaining in our daily lives re irrelevances. I am perplexed by questions Dorian comes up with …he is very much aware of his surroundings, isn’t he, connecting ‘dots’ interesting way…

  3. i like the b&w one, it seems to work better

    • there is something about black and white, it must be said. I am learning a lot about photos… I am very out of practice and it takes a while to get the hang of what does and does not work!

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